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Looking for an Art Law attorney in Orlando, Florida? Our legal team focuses on Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law, supporting artists and creative minds. Connect with us today for bespoke advice on protecting your art and thriving in the complex art scene.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the significance of art as both an expression and a valuable asset. We offer legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of artists, arts organizations, and creative minds in the vibrant artistic community of Orlando, Florida. Our dedicated team has in-depth knowledge of the art industry, allowing us to provide personalized solutions for your unique artistic endeavors. Whether you are a photographer, fine artist, sculptor, or digital media creative seeking protection for your work, or an arts organization dealing with contractual matters, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Art Law Services:

  1. Shield Your Creativity: Safeguard your creative expressions with our top-notch intellectual property services, including copyright and trademark registration, licensing agreements, and enforcement of your rights. It’s like armor for your art! 
  2. Contracts and Negotiations: We excel in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating art-related contracts. While you might understand a contract that’s offered to you, you probably aren’t trained to spot what’s missing. We’re here to close those gaps and help you enter an agreement that protects you. 
  3. Rock Your Royalties: Don’t leave money on the table! Maximize your revenue potential through strategically negotiated and drafted art licensing and royalty agreements, ensuring fair compensation and credit for the use of your artwork.

Why Orlando’s Arts Community Loves Us

Attorney Davey Jay has built a strong reputation as a passionate advocate for artists and creative professionals throughout Orlando, Florida. Our commitment to personalized attention, creative solutions, and zealous representation has earned us the trust of local artists, arts organizations, and cultural institutions.

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Don't let legal complexities stifle your artistic vision. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced Art Law attorney in Orlando, Florida. Let us protect and empower your creativity in the dynamic world of art and entertainment.