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Outside General Counsel

As a business owner, your success depends on your ability to focus on your business. That’s why you need skilled legal representation to guide your through the legal minefield of entrepreneurship, freeing you up to work on your business’s development and growth. We offer bespoke legal service packages at a flat monthly rate (not including third-party costs) so that you will never have to worry about whether that phone call, email, or contract review is worth the cost, because it’s all included.

Why Choose Us

We get it—entrepreneurship can be a wild ride. Your success often depends on navigating the unknown, but access to legal advice, and the cost of it, shouldn’t be unpredictable. That's why our Outside General Counsel services are designed to be perfectly tailored to your needs and budget.


Our Outside General Counsel Services:

  1. Strategic Legal Guidance: From entity formation or clean-up to adeptly managing exponential growth, we'll chart your path to success. We'll work closely with you, anticipating challenges and devising strategies to provide a clear path to success.
  2. Contracts and Agreements: Contracts are like a magic spell – if you don’t use the right words, they don’t work the way you intended. We'll handle the legal intricacies so you can focus on growing your business. Bespoke deals that are tailored to your needs? We’re all about it!
  3. Intellectual Property Protection: Great ideas invite copycats. We'll help guard your business and innovations with copyright and trademark registration and licensing.
  4. Dispute Resolution: If conflicts arise, we’ll help find the best solutions for your business.
  5. Risk Management: Life is full of surprises, but we’ll help you stay prepared. Together, we'll assess risks and implement plans to keep your business safe.

Why Businesses Choose Us

Davey Jay Law is more than your average law firm—we're fellow dreamers and doers. Our approach is collaborative, down-to-earth, and all about making your business thrive.

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