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About the Firm

Davey Jay Law is a local firm with an international reach. We are passionate arts-lovers and law nerds, and firmly believe that everyone succeeds when each person focuses on what they are best at doing. What does that mean for you? You don’t have to spend your time deciphering legal documents or guessing whether you’re making the right move. It also means that we don’t dabble. After all, a jack of all trades is a master of none.

Our practice is focused on providing the following services, which are the core of our firm’s practice and are carefully curated to offer our clients comprehensive assistance, guidance, and solutions:

  • Business Law & Contracts: S-Corp and LLC formation, contract review, negotiations, and drafting, website terms and privacy policies, services agreements, and independent contractor agreements
  • Copyright Law: registration, licensing, work for hire agreements, and assignments
  • Entertainment Law: music, film, literary, art, theatrical, and video games
  • Trademark Law: search and clearance, registration, licensing, and assignments
  • Social Media & Influencers: name, image, and brand protection, affiliate agreements, and sponsorship agreements 
  • General Counsel: a variety of services tailored to your needs, all for a flat monthly fee

Our Staff 

We boast an extraordinary team of incredible individuals, each bringing a diverse range of expertise and, collectively, decades of involvement in the legal industry. They'll not only help you stay on track with deadlines but also provide support across a range of aspects. And, of course, they're also incredibly cool.

We are dedicated to improving our community, so you will frequently find us supporting local organizations and our clients at their shows, events, and open houses, as well as sharing our knowledge and experience by hosting free seminars to help business owners and creatives thrive in their industries. If you’d like to learn about upcoming events, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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